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Staples Pakistan Reviews

toni mama
2020-05-14 14:05:32

This is a review for ordering on-line

This is a review for ordering on-line. While these are frustrating times and items are hard to get under the circumstances which I can certainly understand. I find it even more frustrating thatS̾t̾a̾p̾l̾e̾s̾ ̾c̾u̾s̾t̾o̾m̾e̾r̾ ̾h̾e̾l̾p̾l̾i̾n̾e̾ ̾n̾u̾m̾b̾e̾r̾ ̾+̾\̾\̾1̾-̾8̾ ̾-̾4̾ ̾-̾4̾=̾=̾4̾-̾ ̾2̾ ̾-̾0̾=̾=̾0̾ ̾-̾0̾ ̾-̾6̾ ̾-̾9̾/̾/̾S̾t̾a̾p̾l̾e̾s̾ ̾c̾u̾s̾t̾o̾m̾e̾r̾ ̾h̾e̾l̾p̾l̾i̾n̾e̾ ̾n̾u̾m̾b̾e̾r̾ ̾+̾\̾\̾1̾-̾8̾ ̾-̾4̾ ̾-̾4̾=̾=̾4̾-̾ ̾2̾ ̾-̾0̾=̾=̾0̾ ̾-̾0̾ ̾-̾6̾ ̾-̾9̾/̾/̾S̾t̾a̾p̾l̾e̾s̾ ̾c̾u̾s̾t̾o̾m̾e̾r̾ ̾h̾e̾l̾p̾l̾i̾n̾e̾ ̾n̾u̾m̾b̾e̾r̾ ̾+̾\̾\̾1̾-̾8̾ ̾-̾4̾ ̾-̾4̾=̾=̾4̾-̾ ̾2̾ ̾-̾0̾=̾=̾0̾ ̾-̾0̾ ̾-̾6̾ ̾-̾9̾/̾/̾S̾t̾a̾p̾l̾e̾s̾ ̾c̾u̾s̾t̾o̾m̾e̾r̾ ̾h̾e̾l̾p̾l̾i̾n̾e̾ ̾n̾u̾m̾b̾e̾r̾ ̾+̾\̾\̾1̾-̾8̾ ̾-̾4̾ ̾-̾4̾=̾=̾4̾-̾ ̾2̾ ̾-̾0̾=̾=̾0̾ ̾-̾0̾ ̾-̾6̾ ̾-̾9̾/̾/̾S̾t̾a̾p̾l̾e̾s̾ ̾c̾u̾s̾t̾o̾m̾e̾r̾ ̾h̾e̾l̾p̾l̾i̾n̾e̾ ̾n̾u̾m̾b̾e̾r̾ ̾+̾\̾\̾1̾-̾8̾ ̾-̾4̾ ̾-̾4̾=̾=̾4̾-̾ ̾2̾ ̾-̾0̾=̾=̾0̾ ̾-̾0̾ ̾-̾6̾ ̾-̾9̾/̾/̾S̾t̾a̾p̾l̾e̾s̾ ̾c̾u̾s̾t̾o̾m̾e̾r̾ ̾h̾e̾l̾p̾l̾i̾n̾e̾ ̾n̾u̾m̾b̾e̾r̾ ̾+̾\̾\̾1̾-̾8̾ ̾-̾4̾ ̾-̾4̾=̾=̾4̾-̾ ̾2̾ ̾-̾0̾=̾=̾0̾ ̾-̾0̾ ̾-̾6̾ ̾-̾9̾/̾/̾S̾t̾a̾p̾l̾e̾s̾ ̾c̾u̾s̾t̾o̾m̾e̾r̾ ̾h̾e̾l̾p̾l̾i̾n̾e̾ ̾n̾u̾m̾b̾e̾r̾ ̾+̾\̾\̾1̾-̾8̾ ̾-̾4̾ ̾-̾4̾=̾=̾4̾-̾ ̾2̾ ̾-̾0̾=̾=̾0̾ ̾-̾0̾ ̾-̾6̾ ̾-̾9̾/̾/̾S̾t̾a̾p̾l̾e̾s̾ ̾c̾u̾s̾t̾o̾m̾e̾r̾ ̾h̾e̾l̾p̾l̾i̾n̾e̾ ̾n̾u̾m̾b̾e̾r̾ ̾+̾\̾\̾1̾-̾8̾ ̾-̾4̾ ̾-̾4̾=̾=̾4̾-̾ ̾2̾ ̾-̾0̾=̾=̾0̾ ̾-̾0̾ ̾-̾6̾ ̾-̾9̾/̾/̾S̾t̾a̾p̾l̾e̾s̾ ̾c̾u̾s̾t̾o̾m̾e̾r̾ ̾h̾e̾l̾p̾l̾i̾n̾e̾ ̾n̾u̾m̾b̾e̾r̾ ̾+̾\̾\̾1̾-̾8̾ ̾-̾4̾ ̾-̾4̾=̾=̾4̾-̾ ̾2̾ ̾-̾0̾=̾=̾0̾ ̾-̾0̾ ̾-̾6̾ ̾-̾9̾/̾/̾ it appears that items are available via on-line ordering until one goes to add the items to the cart to find out they are not available. I do not understand why out of stock items are not shown to be out of stock initially.

Jill Trent
2020-05-01 22:28:51

I am beyond blown away by the customer…

I am beyond blown away by the customer service I received at the Ocean City Maryland location. Ashley in the printing department went up and beyond the customer service that was ever expected. She aided me over several days in getting my order together to open my business due to the close of it over a month ago from the COVID 19 pandemic. She not only aided me in getting the menus and banners to exactly what I wanted but she walked me out to my car with all of the product that I purchased. That was wonderful enough but then I realized the next day that I had made a huge mistake on the menus and needed them asap. I contacted her and she reassured that she would have it done and within an hour and she did. She even stated to to take my time and be safe picking them up due to the storm we were having. She is beyond just an employee she should be the face of your company. I am now a customer for life!

Denise S. Wood
2020-04-30 14:38:00

Staples, thank you for free copy paper delivery!

Staples, where would I be without free delivery of copy paper, oh, and my quality printer and copier both love your regular paper, no high gloss needed! I so very much appreciate Staples and always have a good time when I get out to the stores too. The people are always sweet and helpful, I have the best time. Thank you Staples!

Gary Stough
2020-04-26 14:05:40

Mr. Lewis is wonderful

Mr. Lewis at the Staples on Hilton Head Island, SC is a jewel. Always so helpful and ready to answer questions. He recently helped me with some printing and then assisted me finding some other products on the shelves I could not locate. A real shout out for him. Gary Stough

April Williams
2020-04-15 18:33:29

Staples store #0427 Muncie

Staples store #0427 Muncie, IN. I just wanted to acknowledge an exceptional employee Richard (Rich) his professionalism, kindness & compassion really touched my heart in this dark time of COVID-19...In fact I went back to buy an higher price item just to see Rich again & Thank him again...Keep hiring individuals like Rich it will enhance your overall appeal & ratings..

2020-04-14 19:47:55

I like it

I got a printer from here and it works good. They tried to sell me more stuff than I wanted.

Trenton Hamilton
2020-04-13 21:27:19

fast shipping the same day or the next…

fast shipping the same day or the next day for ground shipping they give you free ground shipping every day

2020-04-08 07:56:58

Website was easy to use

Website was easy to use, order arrived next day

carissa k
2020-04-03 22:30:33

i had the most amazing experience…

i had the most amazing experience today. We are currently going through a pandemic and though your doors remain open, your employees are doing everything they can to literally protect and serve. I was in dire need of getting a laptop that day, and Nancy, at the darmouth crossing location and she was determined to help me find the right fit. Nancy went above and beyond and i am so appreciative. She took time, patience and offered kindness, and to me, that was a big deal. Thank you Nancy! Give that woman a raise!

Ellen Gould
2020-03-29 17:26:48

Best Service during corona shut down

Staples provided the best service I've experienced so far during the Coronavirus shut down. They offer 2-day, free delivery and had everything I needed in stock.

2020-03-23 00:29:43

I would have given 5 stars and was…

I would have given 5 stars and was moved to give at least 3 because of one professional employee there. If it were not for him I would have given 0 stars because of the way I was treat coming into the store. I realize the stress of the times we live in.. but to talk to customers the way I was talked to was disgusting. I am just trying to prepare my self for working at home. Only reason was there when I did not want to be. The door lady was rude and promoting panic in people. To the point I left and phoned for the information I needed. See I paid for a product and did not receive what I paid for. I was unable to. People need to still treat others with respect in these difficult time. If you cant do that then maybe you it's the wrong job for you.

David Neitsch
2020-02-20 21:23:17

Very satisfied.

I took my computer to Staples Kelowna, BC. The young sales leader, Rajat, had a look, understood the problem, that had to do with updating the system. Said he would do it in an hour. I left it with him, came back in an hour, he gave it to me fixed/updated, and did not charge me a cent.Thank you Rajat. Great honest free service.

Gary Laine
2020-02-19 05:42:03


Yesterday, my wife went to the Campbell store and needed to buy a new printer and wanted to exchange inks of one kind for another. Josh(Salesperson# 1895841) spent an incredible amount of informative time in helping her make the right decision based on quality and cost. He was also very cooperative, consumer-friendly and wanted to make sure she was satisfied. Josh also gave a great price for the amount of products purchased. I came by later that afternoon to deliver the old printer to exchange for the new one plus the other inks. Josh completed the transaction and even carried the printer to the car. Such amazing service I have not seen from many businesses in such a long time. It was a very satisfying experience. I also am pleased that I can bring my printer back anytime if there are problems. Staples is the place to shop for office supplies.

Stella Nelson
2020-02-13 13:48:50

From Staples Waycross

From Staples Waycross, Georgia.a salesman, Richard, served me about my ipad. He was SO polite, explained everything to me in detail & I bought an ipad from him. He is a great asset to Staples!I would definitely go to him again for help! Thank you, Richard.

Ellen Rubin
2020-02-10 14:41:57

Review - Staples in Lauderhill, Florida. Ms. Sacha Mathurin, an outstanding associate

It is a rarity for me, to write a review, such as this one. However, after receiving exemplary service from Ms. Sacha Mathurin, an associate at the Staples’ store in Lauderhill, Florida,I was prompted to do so. initially, the task of searching and making decisions regarding a variety of items for a major home project, seemed overwhelming. However, I was fortunate to have assistance from Ms. Sacha Mathurin, an associate at Staples in Lauderhill, Florida. In a professional and personal manner, Ms. Mathurin,patiently, answered all my questions and made very helpful suggestions. My shopping experience not only was not only pleasant, but quite refreshing.

Staples Pakistan FAQs

Does Staples have a student discount?

Yes. Considering the fact that prices continue to rise in the market, Staples knows that the economic pressure becomes heavier for groups like students. Under such circumstances, Staples has introduced student discounts in order to solve this problem. In this way, Staples allows more students to get discounts on shopping.

Do I need to sign up for emails at Staples?

Yes, you need. Staples will bring a good many of exclusive benefits and discounts to their members so as to give the customers the best shopping experience and service. Don't hesitate, just click Staples page, enter and register with your email address.

How to save at Staples?

You can save 60% on your orders through the promotions and full sales activities launched by the Staples. Staples will update the discounts at any time, and there will be occasional Staples Promo Code, etc., allowing you to enjoy low-cost purchases commodity.

How much can I save at Staples?

Staples will provide customers with the most favorable price to the maximum. According to the statistics of the order data, taking May as an example, the visitors of browse the website and obtain Staples Promo Code, each order saves an average Rs50.

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