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Corsair Pakistan Reviews

2020-05-19 15:53:50

Top notch company trying their best to keep up with the orders

I think over this quarantine period Corsair has been a bit behind and struggling to keep up with the orders of different components from PSU's to Cases, overall I will give Corsair the rating I have for the quality of the products they do give out to the customers as they are all a high quality standard so I can back them. I think that once they can sort out the backlog of orders then things should start rolling through a bit smoother with getting tracking info etc.I recently purchased a new chair from their website on Sunday as I need a new one for my setup and checked it out earlier to see if there has been any tracking info added and apparently it's been shipped fairly quickly and is now just down to the waiting game for when it will arrive at my house. Overall for the speed at which I bought the chair itself and the time it took for me to recieve the tracking info after it was recieved I will have to give it a thumbs up. It may be different for other products depending on where they're shipping from and how many and on order etc. as PSU units seem to be the top purchase currently. Overall I would suggest people to try and be patient with them as they're trying to keep up with the amount of orders coming it and I understand that it may be a bit frustrating especially if you're in need of the product but it still means you will need to try to bear with them.

2020-05-19 00:09:09

I ordered a cpu cooler on 5/11/2020 and…

I ordered a cpu cooler on 5/11/2020 and it still says the order is in processorder number is 4000223656just wondering when it will ship

Mark Leeming
2020-05-18 19:44:07

Corsair.... Quality you can trust.

I purchased a power supply way back in 2016, and it worked flawlessly up until about 6 weeks ago. I had the original receipt for it from an online auction platform most of us use. I contacted Corsair via email, explained the weird re booting and crashing on my PC and narrowed it down to the PSU. I was asked for a picture of the serial number and a picture of the receipt. The following day I was issued with an RMA number and a postage label. I duly returned the PSU as instructed and it was collected from my house. I was periodically notified of my pending return via email. Today a brand new sealed PSU was delivered back to me, I was very impressed to say the least. I had a 5 year warranty with the PSU with only a couple of months remaining, Corsair honoured this and replaced it new. Quality company, would I buy Corsair component for my PC again... Oh yes, does what it says on the tin, when it says 5 year warranty they mean it.

2020-05-18 06:46:00

Corsair Forums Great Experience

Although Corsair is going through a rough time during COVID and us customers are not getting pleasurable experiences, I went to the Corsair forums and was explained what was going on and it cleared up a lot of things. I recommend reaching out on there to see what is going on. Adam, the person who reached out to me, was very understating of how we are feeling, positive, and kind. Give Corsair a chance to get back on track, it’s a tough time for all of us

Jarrod Rigby
2020-05-16 19:01:53

I ordered the Rmx 750 white series PSU…

I ordered the Rmx 750 white series PSU on may 9th (order number 4000221971). On the website it said in stock so i purchased it. Fast forward to today May 16th and still haven’t received any tracking information. I tried contacting customer support email AND phone... nothing. All my other pc components return policies are going to expire soon so im going to have to cancel this order unless something changes soon. Looks like a lot of people are in this same boat.. unreal. When you pay top dollar for an item you should atleast be notified about the status of it.UPDATE 05/17/20: Corsair was quick to reply and tell me that my order is just boxed up and waiting to ship out.. quick reponse so that is appreciated but still no estimated ship time.. oh well.

2020-05-15 19:08:58

Shipping Status?

I ordered a power supply on May 11th and haven't received any info on when I can expect it to ship. All my other computer parts have either arrived already or are being shipped right now. Based on some of the other reviews, I'm concerned that unless it gets brought up here, I can't expect an update from Corsair at a reasonable time.I'll wait another day or two, but if I don't get some sort of update on when the PSU will ship, I'll probably just cancel my order and order somewhere else. I'll change my review though if we're able to get this all sorted out. My order number is 4000223433.Edit: Received a quick response from Corsair which is nice. Having the PSU arrive on the 18th is definitely very reasonable. Didn't receive a tracking number which had me concerned initially. I was able to find my tracking info on UPS through tracking via reference number, a.k.a my order number. A bit more complicated then necessary I feel, but I'm glad to see that my package did get shipped.Edit 2: I've decided to change my rating to 5 stars. The product looks to be in excellent condition and it arrived in a timely manner. The only issue I had was never receiving some sort of shipping number which made me believe my item was just sitting there, when in reality, it was already shipped. Overall I'm still satisfied with Corsair, and I think I was a little too quick to jump the gun on assuming the worst.

Jayden Mahoney
2020-05-15 00:18:39

I ordered a PSU on 6/6/2020 and i still…

I ordered a PSU on 6/6/2020 and i still haven’t even gotten a tracking number also wasn’t able to get anyone on the customer service line after being on hold for an hour listening to the trash music, can I just refund the item?My order number is 4000217834(I changed my review to a 5 start bc a Corsair employee replied to it and soon after had my item shipped out)

2020-05-12 16:30:09

Faulty headset / Resolved

I bought a HS60 headset recently and upon receiving it, the microphone was faulty as it was echoing game chat for other people I was talking to and it shouldn’t have as it said the headset can be used on xbox, it clearly can’t as it didn’t work properly.I submitted a ticket last week about returning the faulty item and was told last Thursday I’d receive a return label in 24-48 hours. It is now Tuesday and I am yet to receive it, I have submitted another ticket and can’t ring the number as it a US number and I am in the UK.My order number is 4000208746, I’d appreciate some assistance in this issue I am having in returning the headset.EDIT: I was shortly contacted afterwards and assisted with returning, being provided a shipping label. However, you can only drop off the prepaid labels to a DHL drop off point and there isn’t one anywhere near me, the nearest is at least one-two hours away and they don’t have any other solutions unless you want to be out of pocket for some time to ship to the Netherlands. Highly recommend avoiding, should have alternatives to return without having to pay a fortune or wait until the whole coronavirus pandemic is over.EDIT 2: After an exchange of emails, Ruth from the customer service team helped me resolve the issue and I received a refund even though I was unable to send the item, which is what I will do once possible. This was much appreciated especially during these times.

Nathan R
2020-05-05 07:43:48

I wanted to share my experience with…

I wanted to share my experience with Corsair as there seem to be a huge number of unfavourable reviews. In my experience the products I have used (including Cases, Memory, Streaming Equipment and PSUs) have been of great quality and reliable.They push the boundaries with what's achievable in regards to aesthetics, quality and technology (e.g. RGB and Elgato). Really support these guys and like so many other people, love their stuff.Keep up the great work guys!! ;)

2020-05-04 00:56:47


Corsair is an excellent site because it wants to include a PC or take the various components and mount it at home. Corsair offers us various components such as: ram, headphones, keyboard, mouse ... and much more.Within their site we can also find PCs already assembled and ready to use at different prices to go against our needs.

Thue Bøge Sørensen
2020-04-28 18:02:31

Bought Corsair HS70 headset around ½-1…

Bought Corsair HS70 headset around ½-1 year old. During this period, I have constantly had issues with below.- Constant issue with sounds in Windows- Windows nor games can't figure out when recharge/cord is in- Scratching noise that suddenly appears during active use- Sounds dispearing suddenly without reason- Recharging very sensitive. Cord has to be jacked in almost perfectly, so if you move your head it discontinues rechargingSince my first review, I have been in contact with support which would like to change my headset for a new. So review stars has been increased

Wojciech Wrzesiński
2020-04-13 11:30:59

Missin parts and terrible support

I bought LL140 fans with Lighting Node Pro (dual pack) and Lighting Node Pro was missing in the pack.After contacting Corsair support they told me that there is nothing that they can do about that. And they will not send me the missing part and don't help me with the refund.I'm disappointed.EDIT: I contacted Corsair by a phone call at first. Maybe I was over-reacting a bit whie writing that review, but it was sad to hear from the support guy that Corsair cannot help in this case.Fortunately after contacting Corsair again I get refund eventually, I send the pack with missing parts back and I bought another LL140 dual pack, this time it was complete with Lighting Node Pro.I also bought 4 Be Quiet fans and soon I will finish my PC build. Anyway I cannot wait to see how LL140 will look like (I didn't installed them yet).

2020-04-02 16:18:28

Very good

Very good products, good site, awesome software. Havent got any problems at all with their products. Already bought 5 products here. The only thing that i didnt like is the updater of their software when updating you might get a pop up message to restart your pc. DONT RESTART IT. The hole program will delete itself if you do.

Glyn Griffiths
2020-03-23 18:38:14

Dissapointed with Corsairs protocols rather than their producs

Wow, I was blown away on how many bad reviews there are for Corsair, however, I only build a new computer every 6 years or so and in my mind Corsair were a must have component source from previous experience - and no failures at all.. (If I had read the reviews first I would have swapped supplier and not took a chance on Corsair)However, my ultimate build included a number of Corsair items, The Icue 465 Case - with three LL120 fans, Purchased an additional 3 LL120 fans too, The 360mm AIO cooler, 32Gb (2x16Gb) Dominator DDR4 Ram, 850 Gold Power supply unit - so a tad over £500.Meticulous with my builds and spent hours on the cables trying to hide everything and also making it look super tidy even around the power supply unit and back of case which isn't visible once the computer is up and running, spent more hours on cables than I did putting all the parts together and overclocking it - I'm a perfectionist. (though some may say OCD)My computer is fantastic, however, whilst finishing the final setting on the overclocking 5 of the LL120 fans ceased to illuminate, still spinning OK though, So initially I swapped the Icue node with the one I received as part of the three additional fan kit - still the same - so swapped it back, eventually it dawned on me that perhaps like Christmas tree lights when one set of LEDs fail the others later in the line may also fail, so I unplugged fan 2 and just moved all the other fans up on the node - and hey presto all working fine.Impatience and not being able to wait for a replacement from Corsair I decided to order via Amazon a single LL120 so my build was perfect, It arrived the very next day and I'm super chuffed with my super fast all singing and dancing computer.Later I thought I would contact Corsair and tell them one of the LL120s that came with the case had failed and hoped they would replace it (It would be a spare part) - and then the drama stated.Emailed Corsair, nice fellow Tom replied, can I have your purchase receipt - fair enough, The small square packing note which identified the date, the price, the 465 case etc - So I scanned it and PDF it, replied to Tom and attached the PDF.Next - another mail - it has to be the receipt, so more timewasting - onto Amazon and downloaded the full receipt of all my parts I ordered and printed it, then back to the scanner to save the scan as a PDF, saved to the computer and once again sent another mail to Tom with full receipt as PDF attached.Then, two mails from Corsair - one from Tom saying they will swap the faulty fan out once I've returned it to them, pack it up, print the return label, take to post office, send - and when they get it a few days later they will send a replacement.The second email asked for the complete purchase to be returned - so that would be my case - after stripping it down and wrecking my cabling - Not a chance - this is a £20 retail fan - so to Corsair maybe £3 and for something of such low value they wanted me to jump through hoops, not have a working computer for weeks and send the whole case back.I told them I'm not going to bother as its a low cost item, their reply? - Fine, I will close the case.So, I'm more disappointed with Corsair as a company rather than corsair products (all manufacturers make some faulty products) or perhaps a little naïve - I expected them to simply post me a fan with compliments - come on Corsair - you can do better.

Sebastian Pedersen
2020-03-11 18:54:44

Shocking customer service - They fixed their mistake though

I have received my replacement keyboard today, and faith in Corsair has been restored.

Corsair Pakistan FAQs

Does Corsair have a student discount?

Yes. Corsair considers that the current high school students and college students are people who have not yet been financially independent and consequentely they have set up special student discounts on As a result, these Corsair Promo Code not only alleviate the pressure of students' consumption, but also allow them to save 50% with their Corsair Coupon Code, which can be used elsewhere at Corsair.

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Yes, you need. After registering, you can become a member of Corsair and enjoy the exclusive benefits, which include the special Corsair Promo Code. More information about will be sent to your mailbox so that you can understand Corsair more fully.

How to save at Corsair?

Corsair provides customers with a variety of preferential ways to save 50%. You can reduce the amount of your order through occasional full-time discounts, promotions, or receiving Coupon Code. There will be the latest 50% on, you can also learn about the related information, so that you can save 50% when you buy.

How much can I save at Corsair?

If the customer purchases during each preferential discount activity, they can enjoy the maximum discount of 50% at the original price. In the past month, according to the statistics of survey, customers who want to shop at Corsair have saved Rs35 by on average.

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